In Greece

By air

The nearest airport to Pelion and Damouchari is Nea Anchialos State Airport (VOL) near the city of Volos (about half an hour driving distance to Volos and two hours in total drive to Damouchari village). It is connected with several countries in Europe and elsewhere (eg Israel) and mainly with charter flights and lowcost companies operating during the touristic months (from April till October) and are renewed every season.

Skiathos Airport (JSI) is also within close reach, while Thessaloniki International Airport Makedonia (SKG) is the closest of the two major greek international airports (about three and a half hours drive to Damouchari) and then Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) (about four and a half hours driving distance).


Access to Damouchari Pilion by car, train or plane

By ferryboat & road

Ferry companies such as Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries bring close Greece with Italy through Adriatic Sea, mainly the ports of Ancona or Bari in Italy with the ports of Igoumenitsa in the north and Patras in the south part of Greece. This is the most common way for a tourist from Western Europe to enter Hellas in his own vehicle.

A second way to enter Greece is via the central highways of Balkan area. The traveler can reach his destination not only by private vehicle (car or bus) but also by train. The railway network connects various stations in Central and Eastern Europe with Thessaloniki train station and from there with train stations of other Greek cities. The nearest station to Pelion is Volos Train Station that is connected to Larissa Central Station first and then to other stations in Greece and Europe.


In Volos & Pelion - Damouchari

You can reach Volos via national highway (E92) from Igoumenitsa to Larissa, as well as using Patras - Athens - Thessaloniki national highway (E75) and turning left at Volos exit. Since you come from Athens and do not wish to pass through the city of Volos, it is suggested to turn not at the first Volos exit but at the second one and following the signs turn right at the Ring Road of Volos. From there you have two options: either turn left at the exit of North Pelion heading towards the villages of Portaria and Chania, or continue straight until the end of the peripheral road heading towards South Pelion and the village of Milies. The distances in kilometers to central city connections are as follows:

Thessaloniki - Volos: 211 km
Igoumenitsa - Volos: 371 km
Athens - Volos: 309 km
Patras - Volos: 540 km

Volos is connected with many other Greek cities by bus (KTEL), while by train it is connected with Larissa and from there with whole Greece and mainly Thessaloniki and Athens. There are also daily buses of Volos bus company (KTEL) departing from Volos to Pelion villages. To get to Damouchari you can stop at Aghios Ioannis Kissos and either take the Damouchari trail (about half an hour walk) or take a taxi (around 10 euros oneway) or contact us directly.

In addition, after timely arrangement and communication with us, we have the possibility to organise and arrange the transport of individuals and large or smaller groups with private taxis (IX and buses from 9 to 50 seats) and local official drivers that we cooperate with from Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos or everywhere else up to our Hostels right in front of Damouhari Port in Pelion Peninsula.


Road map of Pelion Peninsula

With Damouchari as final destination from Volos, the visitor is asked to choose between two routes both very special passing through the wilderness of the Centaurs mountain with more or less equal distance (about 50km) and time duration (about half an hour) between them.

The first route is coastal, more distant, but smoother with fewer turns, while the second one is mountainous, shorter, but more demanding due to more turns and altitude difference.

Regarding the first, the driver either crossing the city of Volos through the sea or via the city's ring road heads east to Agria (the first village after Volos) and South Pelion. After Kala Nera he turns left to Milies and after Milies again left to Tsagarada. Passing Tsagarada and reaching the entrance of next village called Mouresi, in all intersections he goes right descending towards the sea and reaching the end of the road, with an olive tree in the center, the central parking lot of Damouchari.

Regarding the second, the driver via the peripheral road heads north and turns left at the junction with traffic lights and signs indicating North Pelion - Portaria. After Portaria village he continues to the next village Chania where he turns right to the ski center and then left to Kissos village. As soon as he sees the first houses, he turns left leaving the village and heading right to the next village Mouresi. From there, after passing the village's gas station, he turns left and south on a steep 180 degree turn, while in all crossroads that follow he goes right until the end of the road with the olive tree in the middle and the parking lot around.

From there the traveler can park in the large open public parking lot or in the adjacent olive grove and head down to the village (about 50m away) from the stone path (cobbled path) that is situated left of the fountain or even more to the left from the small road with the no-entrance sign headed always right to the sea level. As soon as he reaches the port where the boats anchor, he will meet in front of him an old stony plastered building with a big wooden terrace and vineyard, the Traditional Hotel "Ghermaniko". Victoria's Guesthouse is the next building (about 30m away) with a shop in the entrance with greek handmade products and a café with traditional homemade pastries and food. There is also the possibility for the visitor to descend with his car from the narrow streets following the one-way circulation. Carefully he enters the alley on the right with the yellow ramp and passing through the whole village he arrives first at Victoria and then at Ghermaniko guesthouse.