Our Breakfast

Every morning, our guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast consisting of natural flavors and some of the area's favorite traditional recipes with the freshest ingredients selected. Breakfast is considered the main holiday meal and the most important energy source for an active and vibrant day. Greek local breakfast delivers the first taste of the culinary culture of each place, adding value to the overall guest experience.


For us in GHERMANIKO & VICTORIA Guesthouses breakfast is a key element of Pelion smell and experience, which we want to offer to our guests. It is based on the principles of the Mediterranean Diet and the locality and seasonality of the ingredients. It is rich in vegetables and fruits, home-prepared products of cereals, oil, cheese and other dairy with limited meat use.

Every day traditional homemade pies from Victoria’s kitchen
Greek Pelion breakfast with jams and marmelades from all kind of seasonal fruits

Pelion recipes

Here you will find a number of timeless traditional Pelion recipes that highlight the unique traditional flavors of the area, the raw materials and the way the dishes are cooked and served in Pelion region.

Pelion cuisine is based mainly on fresh ingredients and less on complicated techniques. One word is enough to describe the whole Pelion cooking: …