Pelion or according to the mythology "The Μountain of the Centaurs" is a mountainous peninsula (maximum altitude 1624m) on the eastern side of Central Greece. Although it belongs to the mainland, it is literally surrounded by the sea, giving the feeling of an island, ideal for vacations during any season. The direct relation between mountain and sea, the lush landscape and the mediterranean beaches, together with the particular local traditional architecture, the wide and well maintained route network and the rich history and intense energy of the place make Pilio unique for every traveler who would like to visit all year round.

Damouchari is the only natural harbor on the east coast of Pelion. For this reason, it has always played an important role as the only port of the whole region. Its special location in the most unspoilt part of Pelio makes a wide variety of villages and beaches easy and fast accessible on foot and by car. An ideal destination for those who wish to combine summer holidays with swimming, sunbathing and hiking, Damouhari stands out from the rest of Pelion villages with its unique history, old stone buildings, its two wild and natural bays and remarkable cobbled paths (kalderimia).