Victoria’s café & boutique

Just below the Guesthouse, on the ground floor of the traditional building, are housed Victoria's café and boutique, two very special places in Damouchari and the wider area. The cafeteria is famous for its delicious coffee, rich breakfast, refreshing drinks, exquisite delicacies and handmade sweets, while the boutique is for the very careful selection of clothes, jewelry and accessories as well as traditional greek organic products.

Enjoyment with sea view

Throughout the day from morning to night, guests have the opportunity to indulge their drink or food on the magnificent two-level veranda of "Victoria" in the center of the picturesque harbor of Damouhari. The unique unobstructed sea view combined with a multidimensional menu satisfy even the most demanding customer.

The wide range of coffees and other beverages, breakfasts and light meals suitable for all eating habits (eg vegetarian, vegan or gluten free) make the coffee place first on every traveler's to-do list. Homemade pelion pies and traditional sweets are made by the hands of mom Victoria with grandmother's recipes (baklava, milk pie, vanilla cake, walnut pie, fruits on sirop). Satisfaction is completed with delicious juices and smoothies along with delicious ice creams, milkshakes and cocktails under a sunny or starry sky with the moon of Damouchari.

Victoria's cafe famous breakfast
Clients' shopping at Victoria's boutique

High aesthetics in a hospitable environment

Next to the cafe, the second store of the family, "Victoria's boutique", is also daily open during whole day. In a very friendly and welcoming environment, tourists can, while enjoying the wonderful view, learn about traditional local products and pelion flavors and tastes, but also about other items, all carefully selected and mostly greek and organic (herbs, honey, olive oil, pasta, wax salve and ointments, soaps).

The rich and special variety of clothes and accessories stands out for its style, quality and cotton fabrics. Dresses, kaftans, long shirts, pants, pareos, scarves for men, women and children are just some of the types of clothing that can be found in the store. At the same time, extremely elegant handmade jewelry complements the unique aesthetics of the boutique, which is distinguished for its selective collaborations with very specific Greek artisans, producers and companies. Finally, handmade souvenirs of the area, wooden and ceramic objects and useful utensils, as well as original toys for all ages (young and old) could not be missing.